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To: A Friend (

From: "J" (

Subject: Freakhound Evidence

To whom it may concern, I've compiled a brief list of evidence regarding "Subject Zero".

I feel it may be helpful in learning the true intent of its creators.

These are some of the remaining audio transcripts from the ill-fated employees of that fateful day.

The source of the audio is disputed, but we beleive it to be captured from the creatures themselves.

"We... I did everything right." - Employee 614

"It was just another day. Nothing could go wrong. Or so we thought." - Employee 369

"I don't want this to be on the record. You're not recording this, right? Ok cool. I think they're cute." - Employee 126

"..." - Employee 427 (They literally just said dot dot dot)

We don't know what happened to them or where they are.

These are some of the last known images of "Subject Zero".

Subject seen leaving hybernation pod. Subject had difficulty getting past warning tape, seemed visibly upset.

Subject seen going through company laptops. Intent unknown.

Last image taken on employee 369's phone. Retreived from cloud backup. Phone location unknown.

I took this image myself. I actually had a decent camera, unlike the other "scientists". Couldn't take a decent photo to save their lives.. well they're probably dead, so that checks out.

What they're searching for? Who knows. What remains to be seen is what you do from here.

We're all counting on you.



- Terrifyingly cute. Adorably deadly. Ferociously fluffy.

The freakhound is my newest canine base with a freaky twist!

Gaze into its slender reptilian eyes and try to resist its alluring ways.

It can be seen with a long gator-like tail and tons of spiky fluff.


  • VRChat, VSeeFace and BeatSaber Unity packages all ready to go with pre-built scenes containing the avatar in a ready to go state.
  • VRChat Quest Compatible Pre-Configured scene ready to use! Included web utility to help create custom texture atlases.
  • Substance Painter, Blender, UV Guides (PSD/PNG) - Source files included, along with detailed instructions on how to use each thing.
  • Planned Free Addons - I plan to continue support for this avatar in the future! Feature requests are open on my Discord.
  • Detailed Visemes - All visemes carefully crafted to provide a well animated auditory experience.
  • 8 Combinable Expressions - Expressioned mapped in such a way that most can be combined to create mixed expressions. (Left/right hand bindings + smirks)
  • Full Body Support - Moves and bends like a freakhound should! Adorably.
  • "Good" Performance Rating. I strive for performance, and the best way to provide more in the future is to start with something that is good.
  • Grabbable Physbones - Because of course.
  • 35 MMD Shapekeys - Freakhound gets extra freaky in MMD dance worlds!
  • Tail Control - Wiggle it all around!
  • Head Pat / AFK Setup - Comes with custom animations, can be modified!
  • VCFT Support - Face Tracking in VRC is supported via the ARKit shapekeys! Vive face tracking / tracker supported.
  • ARKit Support - Use this VRM avatar on your iPhone!
  • Community Support - Want custom freakhound clothes and accessories? Need help with getting the avatar setup? The Discord has all you could need!
  • Cute but deadly.

Just look at em! How could you say no?

Also being sold are 3" and 7" printed models!

MMD Compatible

Full body support

Basic Rules and Stuff:

Please don't redistrubute this avatar! If you'd like a friend to use it, link them here so they can buy it! (With the exception of the texture artist section below)

You may customize and modify the avatar in any which way you desire. Wholesome or not, I don't mind.

You may use it for Twitch, YouTube, etc.

Public avatars allowed.

Texture Artists: Please do NOT distribute the base files to your customers unless they’ve also purchased the model!

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Freakhound Base

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Freakhound Avatar | VRChat / VSeeFace / BeatSaber

160 ratings
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