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Freakhound Figurine

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Do you want an actual freak of nature on your desk?

Now's your chance to have your very own. Selling a limited quantity to start!

This is a printed physical version of the VRChat avatar base found here:

All sizes are printed on an SLA resin printer with 100% infill. They are solid!

These are UNPAINTED unless otherwise noted! (I have two pre-painted versions listed below!)

Each one is unique in their own way due to the nature of the printing and finishing process.

Each is hand-sanded and will show small signs of it!

Two Size Variants:

3" Mini

Actually closer to 3.5".

Perfect desk decoration, D&D figurine (although a bit taller than a normal one!), or stocking stuffer!*

It's also rather sharp and pointy. Good substitute for spike strips for deflating your enemies car tires.**

7" Not-so-mini

Actually closer to 7.5".

This model weighs about half a pound and comes in a "holding item" pose.

It just so happens that the "holding item" pose was designed with the Ghost3D USB drive in mind!

This 32GB USB 3.1 drive is included and comes pre-loaded with digital copy of himself and a GumRoad key. This key can be used to claim it digitally so you can get updates as they are released.

Already own the digital version? Gift it to a friend!

Please note, the 7” variety is made to order, so there may be an extra day or two to ship.

The pose can also be used to hold other objects, not just a binary storage cube, use your imagination!

It's also perfect for using as a hacksaw***, throwing weapon****, or for painting and having a big version of your Freakhound *****!

All models are carefully packaged so that they stand the best chances of arriving unscathed.

* May get stuck in stocking as a result of sharp pointy edges.

** Only use if you have permission from your enemy to deflate their tires. Obviously.

*** Longevity of hacksaw mode not tested or guaranteed.

**** Not advised, do not attempt. I claim no responsibility or liability.

***** This models is just as deadly as it is cute! Sharp edges and pointy fluffy things. Take care when handling!!

Pre-Painted Figurines

There are an extremely limited quantity of pre-painted figures!

These have been painted by the wonderful RainbowDawn (

In addition, these also come with the digital equivalent retexture that has been prepared for use in all the applications (VRChat, VSeeFace, BeatSaber, Substance Painter, Blender). Drag and drop. Click upload. Done!

Here are the models that remain:

3" Painted - "Koi"

Please note, this one has a small chip on the left ear!

7" Painted - "Punisher"

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Unpainted models are for you to paint! Primed models have received a coating of white primer and are ready to paint. Pre-Painted models can be seen below.

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Freakhound Figurine

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